Henry Chang is a concept driven artist who creates
beautiful visual for compelling storytelling.

Henry Chang is a multidisciplinary art director at Imaginary Forces, his works focus on concepting and delivering distinguish looks for storytelling. Over the years he has worked on various projects which were – Emmy nominated, winner of Promax PDA and The Motion Awards. 

He has been recognized for his work on Creating styleframes, Compositing and look developing shots, advising art direction for numerous projects, main titles, game cinematic and concept, promotional campaigns, and graphics for documentaries and TV shows. Also, his interactive art installations are also shown in various art galleries and shows. His most recent interactive work was a permanent collection by Telfair Museums.

Born and artistically trained in Taipei, Taiwan, he later came to the states and finished his BFA in Motion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Coming from an artist background, he intended to be more careful in the conceptual visual treatment in his works. Nevertheless, he prefers to remain technical in order to accomplish quality works. His highest record so far is using 6 software and jumping back and forth between them to execute one styleframe. Being as technical as he is, one should note that his cooking skill is limited to only steak cooking, nothing else (not even rice cooking). His first photoshop project was to create laser beams and fire sparkles for his Gundam when he was 13.