HBO - Story Like No Other — Branding Design 18-01

Iconic HBO noise intro comes to life.


Being given the opportunity to explore the world of the iconic HBO Static was a thrill. It’s a part of the HBO brand’s DNA and we wanted to show the audience the 3D world that has always lived within the famous white noise. We hope this new version gives you the same feels you got when hearing the opening growing up!





creative director: jeremy cox   producer: lisa muñoz   designers: griffin frazen, max strizich, henry chang, ann kreutzkamp   lead animator: austin marola   animators: henry chang, nathan goodell, dan fine, isaac taracks, nick woythaler, frankie principle   compositor: chris west   editor: rachel ambelang   design intern: adam doyle   coordinator: meredith engstrom   head of production: aleen kim   executive producer: jon hassell



Here are a few of the designs that I did to explore more possibilities behind the iconic HBO static. The client came back after the success of our first Story Like No other promo. So I directed a short design exercise with some designers on the team and did more rounds of design explorations.

REimagining the HBO Static intro. 

Technical challenges aside, there are also plenty of interesting challenges we had to face during this project. Here are some quick glimpse into some of the questions raised and how we dealt with them with our creative methods. 


Some of the earlier studies I did with Austin MarolaIsaac Taracks, and Max Strizich. Aiming to explore opportunities to use the dimensionalized statics in different ways. We wanted not only transitional animations, but also action triggered and other methods to activate the statics so we can better illustrate the world of statics. 


In the Second half of the project. I also help directed short social media promo pieces for HBO to use on their platforms. These are some of the fun segments we created. 

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